What Problems Does a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Solve?

14Many people have questions about how to grow your own vegetables. They have heard about different types of garden designs and are looking to find a source that will help them getting started with raising vegetables without a lot of trouble.

One question you might ask is What Problems Do a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Solve? Take a look at some of the common problems gardeners face and what solutions having this type can solve.

4 Common Vegetable Gardening Problems

Those who want to grow their own vegetables are often faced with 4 common problems when it comes to getting a vegetable garden started. These include:

1. Problems of Space

2. Problems with Poor Soil

3. Problems with Drainage

4. Problems with Accessibility

Solutions for the Problems

Now that we know the 4 main problems vegetable gardeners have to contend with, let’s see how we can solve each of them. The challenge of growing vegetables for those who must deal with these kinds of struggles can be summed up by considering creating a raised bed vegetable garden.

• Problems of Space – Many people live in subdivisions or city blocks both that tend to have limited yard space. You can grow enough vegetables for home use in a garden that is raised above ground by utilizing only a small amount of room. A garden bed that is two feet by ten feet will produce an ample amount of vegetables for your family.

• Problems with Poor Soil – There are a lot of areas that have too much sand or clay and those that have not enough or too many natural soil nutrients like alkaline for vegetables to grow well. With a raised bed vegetable garden your plants are above ground level and you choose the mixture of soil that the bed is filled with. This way you can add organic growing materials along with other soil mixtures.

• Problems with Drainage – Some yards just do not drain well. Trying to grow your own vegetables in soil that does not drain properly can deprive your plants of oxygen which is vital to their existence. Poor drainage can also lead to the development of diseases that can invade your plants because of the overly wet soil. Having a raised bed garden can eliminate this problem because the vegetables are well above ground level with proper drainage outlets as you build the bed.

• Problems with Accessibility – For some people accessibility to the plants they are growing can be a problem. Raised bed gardens can be made totally off the ground on pedestals so that the height of the bed can accommodate not having to bend or kneel as a traditional garden would require. This method could help those with physical disabilities who want to grow vegetables but were not able to before because now they can access their plants. You also are not required to walk through rows in this type of garden design so tending and harvesting your crops would just be a reach away.

These are only a few of the problems that a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden can solve. This garden design is growing is popularity with a number of gardening enthusiasts. Growing your own vegetables is an economically sound measure and a healthy activity to become involved in. Now that you know the problems that can be solved by a vegetable garden bed that is raised isn’t about time for you to join in on the act?